Bringing the facts into focus!

 My name is Maria Weyler I'm a certified intuitive counselor from Louisville Kentucky. With years of experience being an intuitive counselor, coach, and mentor, My purpose is to assist you in resolving core issues you are experiencing at this time in your life. Most of my clients come to me during a time of change. Seeking online counseling for the first time can be a little intimidating and maybe even uncomfortable for some people. You can expect to feel welcomed and accepted from the moment your session begins. I invite you to come as you are, leave different than you came, and expect the unexpected during our time together.


What to expect?

At the beginning of our phone session we will review what is going on in your life. You are free to go into as much detail as you feel you need to go into. I will listen intuitively while you invite your thoughts and feelings into awareness. Once you have released all the tension inside of you, it will be time for reflection and letting go. By releasing old patterns of thinking, You will be able to start looking at life from a fresh perspective allowing positive change to take place in your life.